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Safeguard System Components

Perimeter Acquisition Radar The PAR provided both early warning of a ballistic missile attack and preliminary trajectories of threatening warheads. Perimeter Acquisition Radar (PAR)
Missile Site Radar The MSR orchestrated the destruction of threatening warheads by intercepting them with Spartan and Sprint defensive missiles. Missile Site Radar (MSR)
Missiles Two defensive missiles were used: Spartan for long range (exo-atmospheric) interception and Sprint for "last ditch" interception. Sprint Missile Launch
Remote Sprint Launch Sites The four geographically dispersed RSL's were employed to minimize flyout time for Sprint's "last ditch" interception. Remote Sprint Launch Site (RSL) #3
Ballistic Missile Defense Center The BMDC was the superior command authority to which the twelve planned Safeguard tactical sites would report. Ballistic Missile Defense Center (BMDC)
Safeguard Communications Agency SAFCA provided the secure network that tied the various sites into one co-ordinated weapon system. Safeguard Communications Agency (SAFCA)
Data Processing System The custom built DPS controlled the radars and defensive missiles. Data Processing System (DPS)